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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I was laid off on Tuesday, so I’ve decided to take a 6-12 month sabbatical.

      My biggest concern is wasting the time, so I put together a quick TODO list for this first week, mainly consisting of chores and boring work around the house, like cleaning out the garage, organizing the “junk closet”, taking things to Goodwill, etc. Basically stuff I didn’t want to waste precious PTO or weekends on, but I want to get them out of the way. This weekend is going to be spent going through this list.

      As I work through that list, I’m coming up with a longer term plan. I know I’m going to coordinate with friends on some multi-day bikepacking trips and I’m learning to fly fish, so I’m going to travel around a bit to do that, but other than that I’m not sure.

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        My biggest concern is wasting the time

        I totally get this. I know how it feels to have space between jobs, look up and say “Holy crap I just wasted a MONTH!” but there’s a balance to be struck here between productivity and self care.

        Sounds like at least some of the activities you have planned ARE self care oriented though so that’s good.

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      Going to the beach to celebrate my son’s 10th birthday (making it a long trip since his 9th birthday was kinda crappy due to the pandemic).

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      Taking the umpteen recommendations to heart and exploring Hashicorp Nomad.

      I’ve been running most of my self hosted VMs atop ProxMox, hand rolling the VM and then using docker-compose to deploy the containerized app.

      This works OK but things I don’t like about this solution:

      • My VMs are definitely pets. I want them to be cattle :) Need something to use the ProxMox API to spin a VM up programmatically
      • I don’t like having a million docker-compose files lying around and needing to hand manage the state of each VM using them.
      • None of this is currently in Git. I’m supposed to be an systems professional. Not cool :)

      So I’m hoping Nomad will help me achieve these goals. I’ve looked at Ansible and if Nomad doesn’t work out I’ll probably go that route.

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        For creating the VMs using the Proxmox API you might find Terraform a better fit, then Nomad inside them.

        I’m quite a recent convert to Nomad, we’re just at the point that deploying a VM per service task is a bit wasteful and it’s worth optimising into something that can automatically do the “the VM stopped running task x, move it over there” away from a human too. Nomad fits the bill without being massively complex, and is also easy to get running in dev/test. Win, win win.

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      Rewriting Osmosis in Scala. Originally I had planned to write the final version in something like C or Rust. But C is too risky for a network library, and I haven’t written anything serious in Rust before, so that’d be a really steep learning curve.

      The choice was between Scala and, surprisingly, Dart. Osmosis is a library for data sync between desktop and mobile versions of an app, so it needs to be usable from some kind of cross-platform GUI framework. There are a lot of JS ones, but that won’t work–even though JS is portable, Node isn’t, and Osmosis needs native network and crypto code. Flutter would be nice, but Dart is a really small ecosystem. And then I discovered that JavaFX supports cross-platform desktop and mobile apps, using Gluon. And scala-js exists, so I could still put Osmosis on npm, without needing a separate JS library. So Scala, which I’m already familiar with, seems like the obvious choice.

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        Great project, now I’m looking for a reason to use it.

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        I’ve never heard of anyone using a JVM in an iOS app. It seems like it’d be quite large and slow (since iOS doesn’t allow 3rd party JITs.) Or is this an AOT compiler?

        JS is quite common, though. I’m sure React Native comes with the network and crypto interfaces you need.

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          Gluon uses GraalVM, which compiles JVM languages to native. It looks like it supports Android and iOS, though it also looks like it’s not very widely used so I don’t know how stable it is. Either way, I’ll also be able to compile Osmosis to a JS library and a native library through Scala.js and Graal respectively, so it should be usable from a variety of platforms, including (hopefully) React Native.

          I’ve been trying to abstract away all native components (network, crypto, storage) into Scala implicits that are passed into Osmosis classes and functions only when needed, which will help with both portability and testing.

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      I had some plans for this Saturday, but cancelled them because I was presented the opportunity to get vaccinated! Japan is still quite far behind, but things are picking up. I guess my (very small) company somehow made it on the list because of our centrally-located office space. I’ve only been there three times! Hopefully that changes soon, I miss in-person work.

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      Continuing to work on my JVM language. I’m in the process of ripping out the type resolution from the AST building process into it’s own class. I’m thinking about blogging about the language building process. I feel like it would be good to have other opinions on this since I have no formal background or experience in programming language design and implementation. It would also help flesh out some of my ideas like how @andyc does with Oil.

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        You should TOTALLY blog this!

        I’ve definitely found that writing things up in blog posts pays back unexpected dividends. Sure not EVERY post will, but you never know when one will hit a nerve.

        My last post got unexpectedly picked up by a number of Python newsletters and news outlets, so that was pretty satisfying :)

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        I’d be interested in such posts! I still want to write a type checker someday :) This basically to replace the use of MyPy in Oil (with something simpler and faster):


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      Heading home after a quite successful work trip, then probably sleeping a lot and hanging out with the freshly-moved-in partner I had to abandon for a week for said work trip. ;_;

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      I am working on a side-project to help “clinicians” (ie doctors and nurses in local surgeries) diagnose patients according to the various healthcare guidelines. It’s very much a proof-of-concept at the moment but our first PoC got a positive response so we’re going to try to incorporate the feedback and improve it bit. It’s a refreshing change to work on such a tiny project after working on lots of large sprawling codebases recently.

      Apart from that I’m hoping to write a first draft of my next blog post, which is to do with outages and hopefully can be a bit funnier than my last blog post ended up being.

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      I’m building a better, framework-agnostic PHP library to generate/validate HTML forms for my own projects. And then I might make some progress on the project I’m building it for.

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      I’ll be resting, cleaning house, playing Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (which is my plan for Saturday night/Sunday morning), and getting ready for the new job on Wednesday.

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        Congratulations on the new job!

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      Fingers crossed getting a negative Day 5 test so I can be released from isolation having returned from holiday. (I have zero symptoms and have passed 4 tests already this week, so likely to be clear 🎉). Then heading to a mate’s house for the remainder of the weekend for two friend’s joint birthday party weekend.

      Likely do some RYA Day Skipper revision over the weekend too, having signed up for the theory online. So far it’s been “formalise things I already knew, but with proper names put to them” which is what I’m broadly expecting it to be. Worth doing though, ahead of the practical course.

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      Still working on electron desktop builds for DataStation. Trying to figure out how to handle updates and metrics.

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      k3sup for raspberry pi, again. I brick my pi everytime I apply the “fix” for arm architecture.

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        This looks awesome! I just learned about k3s - Kubernetes on ‘bare metal’ right?

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      Enjoying the stride I’m in with a personal project, yard work in the backyard, and finding an outfit for myself for a weekend trip I’m taking with the wife next month.

      She hasn’t had a SINGLE day without kids since March 2020. We’re celebrating.

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      Little late to the thread, but working on my IRC client for iOS (and maybe macOS?). Currently fed up with the duopoly of clients for my phone (both being paid & closed source), figured I’d make one the way I want.

      Still working on the UI, since nailing that is the most important part to me. Been working with SwiftUI since it’s brand new and (hopefully) the way forward with Apple. The actual IRC bits are on my TODO.

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      I hope to do some stuff with Myrddin.

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      Probably cleaning up my factory in Satisfactory, and getting to see my girlfriend for the first time in 2 weeks.

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      Weekend’s challenge: I have a Pinebook with Manjaro installed on the eMMC. That Manjaro install boots up with the screen completely dark. I have an SD card which boots Ubuntu , and mounts the eMMC. I want to see if I can get a custom systemd service to light up the screen on the Manjaro install so I can try using it again.

      Challenge level: this involves systemd.

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      Well, if I had to guess…

      • Drinking
      • Updating my mpv config, apparently I haven’t updated it since last year!
      • Updating my nvim config
      • And working more on dep-organizer (can anyone think of any features they think would go good for it, I need ideas for programming, I have no imagination, I need a clear goal)

      By the way, it does say “ask for help”. So can someone enlighten me maybe? Why do people waste 2/3 of a glass of wine when pouring it? Seriously. When you drink, it’s not for smell, it’s not for the taste, it’s for the effect. So I just don’t understand.

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        You mean the empty space in the glass?

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      More work on https://littlefish.fish and a trail run.

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      I feel I’ve hit a bit of a wall / speed-bump with Tails (my little Forth-like concatenative language.) The next logical step is to make quotations generally useable by getting the stack checker to understand them, but that means implementing “row polymorphism” which sounds scary in a neckbeard LISP guy way, no offense to actual LISP heads of any gender.

      Anyway, the other day I decided to see how well I could get a b-tree storage engine to work on a little embedded system like an ESP32 or RPiPico. So I’ve started writing one. Couldn’t find any decent C/C++ starter code that supports persistence, so I just rolled up my sleeves and wrote a simple page cache with an abstract back-end interface. Now I’m reading “Modern B-Tree Techniques” [Graefe, 2011] to refresh my memory of the details. (I did work on Couchbase Server’s storage engine back in 2012, but not the part that actually does the core tree management.)