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    There is a person assigned to m68k.

    I am hopeful about possibly reinstalling my Amiga 1200’s Debian (currently 10+ years old).

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      Fun Debian installer story: my friend basically got the ia64 port killed because he filed a bug report that it wouldn’t install. All they had to do was add a module to the install kernel, but instead they just killed the port.

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        IA64 is an extremely dead platform though.

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          It’s dead for purposes of running operating systems like Linux. If you have IA64 in 2021 you’re a company that has some application relying on either OpenVMS or HP-UX. The problem was that if you had a critical high-availability OpenVMS application, you had nowhere else to go other than IA64, but now OpenVMS is being ported to x86 and IA64 is going out of production, that situation’s changing.

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          When did that happen?

          A person is still listed as assigned ia64 tester: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Tasks

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            About a decade ago, IIRC.