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    That was a joy to read. I don’t have much interest in running Asahi on my M1 Air anytime soon, but the depth of this update was extremely educational on how some slices of Mac hardware works at the foundation. I’ll be following along in coming months!

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      They are all like this. If you are at all interested in low-level systems/computer engineering, these updates are some of the best material around. If you enjoyed it, it might be worth going back and reading some of the older updates too.

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      Every single time I read stuff like this I always end up with the question of “How?”. I played around with ida when I was younger and could never get into it. I’m always impressed.

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        Lot of practice and knowing the general area. Marcan has been working on porting to different architectures and drivers a few times before. His streams are interesting if you’re into that kind of thing https://youtube.com/c/marcan42