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    Lots of good stuff in that article.

    One thing we learned when implementing ours was that going iOS first, at least 2 years ago, was a pain and was making our iterations more complex than they needed to be. You end up having iOS clients in this broad version spectrum, some as old as 6+ months, but you yourself are a startup that tries to move fast and often have to refactor things and kill ideas.

    Things are a little bit better now with iOS, reviews seem to go through faster, and Android has been much quicker historically. Regardless, based on my personal experience, I feel that going web-only or hybrid web is the only sane option for an early stage startup, unless your value prop relies heavily on a really polished native experience. You want to prioritize iteration over polish. Luckily hybrid should be easier now that iOS 8 introduced web kit view and device performance is going up so that running JS in an app is a bit less atrocious.