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      This doesn’t even take into account custom domains hosted on Google Apps.

      A few years ago, I did some statistics about subcribers to my mailing-list. Except that, for each domain, I used the MX DNS entry.

      Result was that nearly 80% of the subscribers of my blog (which is about free software, privacy, etc) were, from memory:

      Nearly 40% : Gmail 35%: Outlook 10%: Yahoo 5%: Protonmail

      The university where I teach and which was a pioneer of email in Europe is now 100% on MS Outlook.

      Maybe we get what we deserve…

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        This doesn’t even take into account custom domains hosted on Google Apps.

        The last 5 companies I worked for since 2012 all used gmail with their own domain. From small startups to gigantic tech corporations. It is everywhere!

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          I work in one of the world famous IT corporations - not so rich anymore but it is what it is. We’re 100% on Outlook/sharepoint/teams.

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      Probably a good thing there is no .corn TLD.

      (I’m busy, someone else will have to make the obligatory joke about corn kernels and kerning.)

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      • 67% gmail.com
      • 13% yahoo.com
      • 4% hotmail.com

      So the podium shares 84% of everything, an the first two 80%. No wonder it’s becoming harder and harder to send email from anywhere else. Google for instance could probably get away with marking as spam anything that’s neither using gsuite nor being in a white list. They have the means and they have the motive. I’m not sure they have the will, but they do have a convenient lack of will.

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        The 10% ‘everything else’ will include some things that are hosted on those three platforms, since each allow you to bring your own domain. A lot of companies use M365 (outlook.com, which is now the same back end as hotmail.com), so I wouldn’t be surprised if the total number for those three is closer to 90% than 84%.

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      Every one of them was via Apple Pay, which does not do the typo check as Apple tells us the email directly.

      That means these people have Apple IDs in the CON domain. I’m sure that’s working out really well for them.

      When you use Apple Pay to pay for something, there’s no requirement that you use the email address associated with your Apple ID. By default, the interface offers you the email addresses that are on your contact card; you can also type in a different one.

      (Someone in the blog comments makes a similarly uninformed guess about how Apple Pay works, earning them an acerbic reply from jwz. Irony!)

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      Many of the human arbiter related fenomena end up being Pareto distributed (city population, income, English terms, twitter followers) , so it is not extremely surprising to see email providers distributions exposing similar behavior. It is sad most of the time but seems to be really unavoidable human nature.