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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      14 days I replied with:

      “Putting the finishing touches on a version of www.literature-map.com “which will be used to organize scientific articles about literature.”

      That was about the design, which is finished now. Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:


      The big blue arrow leads to the articles which are related to the topic in the center.

      Next step is to parse through a big German text corpus to calculate where the research topics will be placed on the map.

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        I absolutely loved this when you last posted it, and I’ve already read (and liked) two books that I found due to the author’s proximity to some of my favorite authors in your map. And more are waiting in my stack. So thank you for your work!

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          Happy to hear that!

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          Crap, I almost got sucked into another multi–hour gnod discovery session…

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          Nothing IT related at all.

          Taking apart and cleaning up a horizontal milling-machine, it is quite filthy. So I expect to spend lots of time with soapy water, de-greaser and various cleaning implements.

          After that, reassembly and checking squareness and alignment. I expect both to be quite horrible.

          And perhaps using my lathe to create a holder for my lathes top-slide, to enable the use of the top-slide to bore or grind out the dramatic gouges in the spindle taper.

          To be slightly more clear, I need to run the machine spindle without a tool mounted in the expected place and mount a different kind of tool and traverse it diagonally and not in-line with the normal machine travels. Also I’ll be cutting in to the machine using itself using a boring-bar or a grinder.

          An approximation on a very different kind of mill.

          But realistically cleanup and reassembly done would be enough to make me feel like I accomplished something worthwhile, because the assembled parts to be mounted weigh a few hundred kilos and requires the use of a hydraulic engine/shop crane to lift.

          The mill is without any manufacturers markings and looks like this.

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            I think I’ll finish up a super-simple one-page app I started last week.

            Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed seeing how much complexity I can put into a single, static page. I did a book review and recommendation engine ten years ago. I’ve done a Final Draft file translator. Even though I know it’s possible to do a lot with a minimal amount of back-end, it still manages to amaze me, and it’s fun.

            After this I might do another SSPA with an AWS lambda back-end. Don’t know. Will need some reason to bring in that much overhead. (grin)

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              What tech do you use for your SPA(s) ?

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                Part of the fun of the game is to see how little you need. Html, CSS, and Javascript have all come a long ways over the last decade. I’m not sure I really need anything. A couple of years back I did a modular blogging system with Vue.js. With the new templating and module system in JS, might be possible to do most anything without even a front-end engine.

                Once you strip out the tech, the next step is to see how small the codebase can get. Right now I’m under 200 LOC. I think I can do a full game under 500. Don’t know.

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                  I have a similar approach.

                  The one piece of external code I typically still find useful is a template engine.

                  My favorite one is Handlebars.

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              Things are getting boring, so I’m planning a 80s themed party for my partner and I (NOT a corona party, we already live together). Going to have to be creative with the food since I can’t just leave to go to the store.

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                I will be mostly cycling and baking, but probably also will dedicate another few hours to my tiny shitty Lisp to x86 compiler. It follows Abdulaziz Ghuloum’s tutorial, mostly, but it’s written in C and instead of generating text assembly it just emits binary directly. So it’s very much one-pass.

                I did a live stream of adding labels, code, and labelcall last night, and might do another one if there’s enough interest.

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                  📚 I must have bookmarked 20+ articles I want to get through. Work also sent me a book I requested, The Computational Beauty of Nature.

                  I’m also talking with a few people from here this weekend after (in another one of these threads) I mentioned I was looking to speak with people about an article I was writing!

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                    My mother-in-law is visiting.

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                      Not even for coffee?

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                      Recording some samples on [my pochette](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pochette_(musical_instrument\)) for a samples library, rehearsing for a gig, futzing around with various wrinkles of org-mode.

                      If there’s time, I have renewed interest in my Clojure library that parses a text-based music notation and want to start adding tests, refactoring some really gross bits I came up with five years ago, and extending it.

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                        Maybe finally get over my dislike of business cards and try to design one. Maybe just nothing. We’ll see.

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                          For $HOME, my new shed/workshop/what-have-you is about to be built… right where the fibre comes into the house, and right where a (currently unused) ethernet conduit traverses the exterior wall.. so I guess I’ll be moving them slightly, so as to avoid damage/issues.

                          For $WORK I need to do some research on a piece of software a potential client is already using, to estimate some work that integrates with it.

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                            Moving to college, apparently.

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                              Good luck, stay safe.

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                              Family BBQ Saturday, probably avoid much screen time this weekend :) Will probably crack on with some pyinfra v1.1 work on Sunday evening!

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                                First attempt at building a workbench using only a circular saw, chisel, and drill. Yes, doesn’t fit the usual lobsters weekend plan, but I’m trying something a bit different and I’ve found woodworking to be quite relaxing! It’s a refreshing time away from the screen, highly recommended.

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                                  • Finishing up a 3D printer rack
                                  • Completing a filament storage box w/ mechanical spool auto-retraction
                                  • Attempting to control an ODroid via an MCU using its ASCII api
                                  • Doing some deep cleaning around the house + snapping pictures for potential renters
                                  • Running an absurd amount as prep for something even greater/dumber
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                                    Sending off job applications and prepping for a second round interview next week. This is my first time job hunting in 8 years, and it’s proving to be quite an interesting contrast so far.

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                                      More online components to the job hunt?

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                                        • The pandemic has meant that more places are open to remote workers
                                        • I’m a lot more senior than last time, and have years of experience with currently hot technologies, so once I’m past the resume stage, folks are much more interested than would have been the case last time.
                                        • The salary information available at places like levels.fyi is much better than eight years ago
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                                      I started playing with React Native via Expo a few days ago, so I’m hoping to keep going with that. Has been pretty straightforward and fun to work with so far - though I’ve hardly done anything, yet.

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                                        Today I’m giving my carpal tunnel problems different challenges. Soon off the hills in the blazing sun, where we’re just walking, picking berries, getting mozziebites, and hopefully finding those real life hidden object mushrooms. Berries are no problem, but I just don’t have eyes for mushrooms.

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                                          Probably adding a few features to my bookmarking software

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                                            Probably going to be adding more dumb triggers to the bot in the ##crustaceans IRC channel (hey, join us there if you want to talk about off topic stuff that doesn’t fit in #lobsters)

                                            Maybe look into making it detect syllables and replacing some of them. That sounds like a fun challenge.

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                                              Today: finished the kitchen island. Now we just need to order a countertop for it. Also mowed the lawn.

                                              Tomorrow: we’re planning to cover the ugly frosted glass of some cabinet doors with fancy wallpaper.

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                                                I’m working on some improvements to my conlang project L’ewa and writing some fun stuff involving Gemini. I hope to have WebAssembly powered CGI in the future.

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                                                  Won’t be able to finish updating my book, so I relaxed my work time and started reading Age of Assassins - it is a page turner and quite good so far, guess it’ll further delay my schedule.

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                                                    Probably add some features to esctl (a CLI to manage Elasticsearch clusters) and start reading “High Performance Browser Networking” that came by the post this morning.

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                                                      I made progress on HTTP request / response library but figured I need to give more love to the network socket library, that is what I will do.

                                                      ref: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7230

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                                                        I’m taking the week off to spend more time with family, help my offspring buy furniture and set it up in their room, do some work on the house, and work on my novel. The weekend will kick that off, perhaps with a BBQ if it’s not too hot or hurricane-y.

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                                                          • Skyrim
                                                          • Working on a “who is active” feature for arbor chat
                                                          • Might read some more
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                                                            That arbor chat link yields a 404. Intentional? :)

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                                                              Not intentional. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve fixed the link :)

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                                                                Wow ArborChat looks super cool. I love the concept names - Forest, Sprout, Sprig etc :)

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                                                                  Thanks! I can’t take much credit for it, I only contribute a little, but if you’re interested in checking it out Sprig is the easiest way to get it up and running. You also no longer need to worry about creating an “identity” prior to run Sprig, as the docs state; Sprig walks you through that upon startup :)

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                                                            It’s way too warm in my area to do brain work. Also I’m kind of brainlazy and easily distracted at the moment.

                                                            Probably I will rebuild a bicycle of mine very slowly in the breeze under the porch’s shadow while zipping loads of home brewed ice tea, and of course having a siesta.

                                                            After dark, I go cycling until 2am, after that I can sleep like a stone.

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                                                              Playing around more with OpenGL ES 2 in Rust. Switching back to working on programming language dev stuff and see how my brain handles the transition – I’m trying to alternate projects each week to get stuff done but also mitigate burnout/boredom. Exercise. Sleep.

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                                                                From a tech point of view, I’m curious about learning how to debug key-bindings at a holistic level in macos. Some binding stopped working in my vim instance, which is run in zsh, which is run in iterm, which is run on macos. I want to find a workflow for quickly figuring out the culprit in situations like this.

                                                                For fun, I’m inviting a few friends over for a home-cooked dinner and getting my friends to bring musical instruments too. Afterwards we’ll put the chords up on a screen for our favorite songs and have a bit of a sing-song.

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                                                                  Learning more about FastAPI as it looks like it handles a bunch of things I’d need to code myself and would rather not in Flask :)

                                                                  Stalling a bit on The Nature of Code - I really dislike the Java-esque way the examples are implemented so I’m thinking about dropping Processing in favor of doing it all in Python.

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                                                                    After trying to do as much in Go as i can the past years, successfully, I am getting back into Python.

                                                                    I realized that for personal projects my most limited resource is … time. And although I think I am very productive with Go, I think I can go much much faster with Python.

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                                                                      Reading nonfiction, cleaning, laundry, and planning.

                                                                      Clean out my cubicle in preparation for hot-desking.
                                                                      Have lunch with my girlfriend.