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    I, too, have a hot take on how this cultural event confirms my pre-existing understanding of the world in a way that shames people with their differing priorities and irrational opinions.

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      Imo this isn’t even the best Generic Socialist Hot Take on Pokemon Go; at least Jacobin’s has a bit more substance.

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        I loved that article. Pokemon and cruise missiles, literally the same thing.

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          Don’t be so bellinormative.

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      “Vox is everything that is wrong with modern journalism”

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        I give it one or two more weeks. The game is in its honeymoon phase currently. People will get bored/tired of the game mechanics and soon move on. Sure, there will still be die hard fans but we should see a huge shift soon as the novelty factor wears out.

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          Or as soon as winter rolls around :)

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            Could move geographically? There are large areas where it’s nicer to be outdoors in October than July, e.g. most of the southern U.S.

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          The move from small cities to large ones might just be a continuation of the urbanization of the country. Large cities have major advantages that allow them to outcompete smaller ones. I do agree that we need to relax housing policy so more people can move to the larger cities and actually afford to live there.

          Also, Niantic Labs is really not huge by any stretch of the imagination.

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            @Irene or another mod, please merge this into the existing Pokemon Go hot take thread.

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              It took me a moment to convince myself that was the appropriate action - they’re expressing different opinions. But I do think the idea that this is relevant because it’s tech culture is a strange one, so there’s something to be said for merging just to keep that all in the same place.

              It should be noted that, as of a recent change, merging articles uses the newer of the two timestamps. So the merge has the side-effect of making the 4-day-old thread pop up again. Or, at least, it would if this had fewer downvotes, I think.