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    Does everyone see how pretty web pages are without stupid ads plastered over everything, breaking up the site design?

    I’ve never even really had that much of an issue with the ads Phoronix runs, but they still distracts from a nice clean layout.

    Like, holy fuck people, this is the future we could’ve had. It is cheaper to host lots of traffic than ever before and faster for end users too, and yet we’ve decided to blow that progress by bundling ever-more crap into our site scripts and integrations and ads in search of squeezing ever-smaller revenue from our users. Fucking hell. :(

    EDIT: And only 10 HTTP requests to serve the front page! 500 mecs!

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      That sucks, I like Phoronix a lot. I know the comments aren’t great, but the news Michael puts together is usually pretty interesting and a great way to get caught up on developments in the Linux graphics stacks.

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        I find the news quite frequent, interesting, focused and on topic. I haven’t subscribed yet though :(

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        Why can’t ads go back to just being images?

        It’s not like their tracking algos are providing much insight. I guess that’s one of those things you can’t say out loud, though.

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          Yeah, as someone else wrote, why would I want to get targeted ads for refrigerators one week after I bought one…

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          I can say it feels good to pay for a year of premium phoronix after using ad-blockers for some time now. He definitely earned it. And it’s even faster now.