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      Also see Opnsense, a fork of pfSense that adds, among other things, an API.


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        Yes. I say it as a maintainer of a (n in a sense) competing project: if you want a BSD-based network OS with a GUI, use OPNSense.

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      Honestly, this entire thing soured me on pfSense. Macy’s code was weirdly poor in quality, and rather than actually addressing it Netgate turned everything political rather than addressing any issues.

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      Is the use of the word “experimental” just for plausible deniability in case something terrible happens again?

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      Please consider sponsoring [Christian] so he can continue his efforts.

      It is endlessly disappointing how corporations, structures enacted to manage payroll and tax for employees, fail to compensate people for their labor. It is not our job to compensate Christian or other developers for their hard work; it is the author’s employer’s job.

      This particular corporation might be full of leeches; they don’t seem to contribute usefully to the wider community’s projects, and they tried to steal a domain name belonging to the community a few years ago.