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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Organizing spawnfest !!!

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      I’m participating in SpawnFest.

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        Same here!

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        Nothing! Nothing at all.

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          Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

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            Yes. I would push back against the entire idea of “wasted time”, actually. Being the dad of two toddlers means that weekends with no plans are the very best weekends of all. I get to spend time with my daughters doing what they like to do.

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              Recharge is important.

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            I’ll be continuing my work on https://beta.discoverdev.io

            Been running https://discoverdev.io for over an year now, with my own homegrown “static site generator”. As I wanted more features, found out that implementing them for scratch was a pain and affected my iteration speed. So moved it to GatsbyJS.

            On the down side this has caused me to move from pure HTML/CSS to a ReactJS based frontend, but even then it has turned out to be faster IMHO (thanks to code splitting and pre-fetching from gatsby).

            Fun note: Over the last year or so I’ve managed to curate about 3500+ links and get over 5000 subscribers :) Wonder if there is some way to automate the link curation though ;)

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              Trying to learn the basics of Clojure so that I can face the Advent of Code this year to use it! So far so good, one of the smoothest languages I have ever dived in.

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                Nice! I’ll be doing AoC in Clojure this year as well. I’m pretty comfortably with it since we’ve been using it as one of our main application languages for the past 5 years or so. Newer members of the team don’t have that much experience with it yet, so I’m encouraging as many of them as I can to play along with me.

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                  Me too! We use Riemann at work and I rarely touch it, but whenever I do I come away thinking I need to get to know Clojure better.

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                  Packing for trip to Thailand beginning monday.

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                    I’m continuing to port my Java bioinformatics code over to C++ and adding multithreading support. So far, so good. In the past week, I’ve become a fan of C++11 and MinGW 8.1.0 - I never thought cross-platform multithreaded code could be this easy!

                    Other than that, I’m doing a bit of pre-winter maintenance on the Jeep and watching MSU (hopefully) win the Las Vegas Invitational.

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                      For what reason are you porting to C++? (Not bashing, just curious)

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                        It is the latest sub-project of a bright idea I had back in May to build a CPU/GPU compute cluster from a bunch of used cash registers (16 Dell Optiplex XE boxes that were used as point-of-sale systems). After determining a minimal Slackware Linux install that would work over PXE+NFS (the compute nodes are diskless), I found three major issues with using Java for this project: (1) pushing a Java runtime over NFS was too large to be practical (i.e., the framework was competing with my data for network bandwidth and memory); (2) although jCUDA works pretty well, it was just too many layers to go through (e.g., compiling on the fly with nvcc in Java); (3) garbage collection pauses were occurring way too often with the 4GB+ data sets I’m working with. I finally decided to jettison Java for this project and re-learn C++ (I learned C++ with gcc (prior to standardization); it had a lot of rough edges that were later fixed by C++11). After a few traumatic weeks of pointer/reference, stack/heap and STL vs. standard library confusion, I have several multi-threaded command-line programs that do some of the basic analysis tasks and implement much of my core Java library. I’ll admit it, I was afraid of going back to C++, but the idle cluster sitting in my home office provided some motivation.

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                      Tinkering with a little side project: I want to make a little registry service a bit like crates.io… I’ve started it using now.sh and am continually amazed by how slick this platform is, you can really feel how much care and attention went into it! Currently using typescript, planning to use S3 for storage, still wondering what to use for auth.

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                        Preparing for the yearly relaunch of https://24pullrequests.com on 1st December

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                          Working on my making my OpenBSD tilde server. So far I have SSH, Gopher, HTTP and Git figured out. I still need some more services, a good skel and it should be good to go.

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                            Try to diagnose a heisenbug in bors-ng that causes a job to crash.

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                              Sleeping off øredev. That was the second conference I did in just three weeks and I am DONE traveling for a while. My reward to myself is a bunch of domestic errands. I haven’t cooked in way too long! And I gotta insulate my apartment against the Chicago winter…

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                                I’m working on a yaml to Django REST API project, just needs finish up some default fields and work on how to do a M2M relationship

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                                  Nothing tech related (kinda!), I will be spending most of my time trying to get better at Valve’s new game Artifact (https://playartifact.com/). I bought a beta key some months ago and I’ve been playing some hours after work this week but I will do a proper marathon this weekend.

                                  I’ve been recording every game I’ve played this week + every deck I’ve played against and I will be analyzing the games and playing new ones.

                                  As for the techy part, from time to time I’ll stop and continue building a little tool I’m writing to help me gather statistics of my runs, some kind of game tracker with video play, deck tracker, some lifetime statistics and maybe if I get the time some data analysis on decks and winrate (cards played more/less, winrate against cards, etc etc).

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                                    Combination of TUCTF and building a ZFS-based NAS.

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                                      I’m back from 6days in Sweden for work so probably I’m going to enjoy the sun most this weekend! And unpacking, doing laundry, …

                                      I had a couple of ideas while traveling, I’ll probably also do some analyzing and have a look at feasibility, maybe also a little PoC. It would be kind of cool because one of the ideas heavily involves my wife who creates amazing illustrations.

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                                        Hanging out at RustFest Rome, eating lots of good food and hacking on sled! In the last day I added support for reverse iterators, durable monotonic ID generation, and am slowly giving the documentation a facelift. Depending on how things go, sled might have MVCC and some basic transaction support by the end of the weekend :)

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                                          I’m visiting my brother in Argentina this week, didn’t take my laptop. Reading introductions to number theory and dependent types/univalent foundations in the evenings.

                                          Also: “Hello there!”. This is my first post :)