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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Fun: Normally I’d be preparing for Advent of Code season, but I’ve been having a lot of fun writing a solver for slime molds. IRL they can solve some pretty complex problems with essentially no coordination, and they make some pretty darn cool patterns while they do it. I spent last week porting my model to GPU and it’s made the exploration process much easier. This week I’m refactoring in hopes of getting multiple “species” to simulate competition between different strategies.

    Here’s a model I was playing around with yesterday

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      This sounds super-interesting and I bet heaps of people in here would love to hear more about it.

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        I’m glad to see the interest! I’ll definitely post a full write up when I’m finished. If you’d like to read along at home: I’m following this white paper (among others). https://uwe-repository.worktribe.com/output/980579

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          Count me among them. My family and I were watching the Nova episode on slime mold just a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been talking about it ever since.

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        Work: Hope to complete at least one chapter of new book. This one is different in content/structure from my earlier works and I’m finding it quite difficult to get started over the past week.

        Reading: Started Gods of Blood and Powder series by Brian McClellan today. Fast paced and easy to read so far, just like the prequel Powder Mage series.

        Also, after long long time, I went for an hour long walk. I knew about about a village road running just half a kilometer from my place, but only yesterday I mustered the effort to explore. Was a pleasing experience. Hope to do it at least twice a month, slowly increasing the distance walked.

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          Starting a new job in a week and it requires knowing my way around a Java codebase. Thus, I’m going through Learning Java (not that I think I’ll learn Java in a week…). It will be a good refresh / intro, I hope. I’m actually excited to use Java (a language I’ve always avoided) on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise, brushing up on whatever is new in Rails and Ruby. Alsoplus reading The Iron Heel.

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            As someone who works in javaland, it might be worth understanding which version of java your employer is using. Less because the language has fundamentally changed, more that there is a large cultural diff between java shops that run java 6 and java 14.

            Congratulations on the new job. I hope its great.

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            Working on a simple template engine for Go, refactoring and hacking at https://github.com/skuzzymiglet/feef, building a barebones linux/busybox system according to this and trying out Janet

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              Still waiting for the approval to work. Things are getting really boring. I’m at the phase where I’m losing motivation to write. But I have Pikmin to fill the time.

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                School: Noncommutative Algebra homework, deadline on Friday.

                Work: Flying out to talk to a prospective client for some kind of assignment.

                Fun: Advent of Code in Common Lisp :)

                Also if I have time I’m going to be making a small nixos config that is to serve as an in-between step in the boot process (so just something to kexec into and out-of automatically while booting up) the idea is to have this system on an EFI partition and cryptographically signed so that I don’t decrypt my main drive if something has changed on the outside. The generation selector boot menu will be on an encrypted partition.

                If anyone knows a super good resource for how the EFI partition is organized and this early boot stuff then I’m all ears, I think I’ve mostly figured it out but would still appreciate a bit more theory before I get my hands dirty.

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                  Trying to relearn how to code after a week vacation… With any luck I’ll be able to remember what I was doing before I left!

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                    $fun: Working on getting an ephemeral monitoring VM, with config for graphana and prometheus as a static asset. Want to iterate? Reboot! Maybe also using a separate data store like Cortex to persist monitoring data. I want to be able to pass a new qemu qcow2 file (nothing written) and a Void Linux netboot script and quickly getting to a fully operational monitoring VM without any human interaction.

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                      Getting geared up for the Advent of Code; Christmas prep; getting used to working in my basement. Overall, a quiet week.

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                        For $CLIENT: Waiting to hear back from $HOST about the ARP issue discovered last week (https://lobste.rs/s/ymnzv9/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_e9avvc)

                        For $COMPANY: Placing orders for a bunch of tech stuff.

                        For $HOME:

                        • Continuing prep work on plumbing to allow moving tank/pump/filter system;
                        • Finally getting to work on (building) the workbench.
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                          Work: touching the Storybook design system for the first time and otherwise fixing loose ends of a bigger ticket that’s ongoing since two months.

                          Private: after moving all my web hosting and database related stuff from my old server to the new one, I’m going to move nextcloud (used by the family for shared tasks and calendars) to a small new instance,because the old instance type is reaching end of life. Also working on extending 250kb.club to show language codes and other useful information about the listed pages.

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                            Being grumpy at the most recent COVID wave nixing my travel plans to visit my partner.

                            Apart from that… $WORK: prepping for a hardware test on Friday, which hopefully goes less miserably than the last one. $HOME: Working on my little video game more, and trying to get some work done on ggez for a new year’s release without just throwing the issue tracker into the sun.

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                              Sorry to hear about your travel plans being scrapped and not getting to see your partner. That really sucks.

                              It’s hard when it feels like our day to day life is affected by people with the lowest threshold of care for others and their health/safety.

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                                It’s hard when it feels like our day to day life is affected by people with the lowest threshold of care for others and their health/safety

                                Can we not? Viruses aren’t caused by your political opponents.

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                                  Nobody mentioned anything political.

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                              Making a few large prints of lighting panel covers for one of the devices for ingress test: these are supposed to withstand pressure wash/IP69K.

                              Coming up with path calculation method for synchronized-delay audio playback in a system of adjacent tunnels/corridors.

                              At home, picked up again Jaynes’ Origin of Consciousness, with determination to finish it off this week.

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                                • Trying to share a friend’s survey with as many university students as I can (hint, hint)
                                • Reading 1984 and Mastering Emacs
                                • Going through Rainer König’s Getting yourself organised with Org-mode Udemy course
                                • Enjoying my short break before exams
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                                  Advent of Code’s coming up this week. Might take this time to learn Python and add that to my repertoire.

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                                    Not working. I haven’t taken enough downtime this year. As someone new to WFH it’s even harder to switch off, and the pandemic putting a halt on travel has made me forget that I should still take time off work.

                                    I’m going to try and catch up on some of my book backlogs (technical and non-technical). I recently acquired A Philosophy of Software Design and so far it’s an interesting read.

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                                      Advent of Code! Oh boy have I been looking forward to this!

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                                        I’m done with a PoC rewrite of the TUF client. Would be curious if people think the code is readable just by eyeballing it. Cc @yossarian @sangy

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                                          • Rebuilt the servers configurations. Need to feature out how to stage them without breaking QA testing. May just put in pin it in for the time being.
                                          • I’ve been working on a hugo theme, that I’ve started too look back at and think, wait did I create a monstrosity? Sure these features exist in Hugo, but the fact that I’m using them may be a good indication that something has gone wrong.
                                          • There’s a blog series I’ve been wanting to write called “stories to misuse in technical arguments”. Current topics include lifeboats on cruise ships, the electric dynamo, and cassava root. Though I’ve been waiting to write a bit on Galileo’s principal for a long time