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      J. I’ve always wanted to try it out, but never made it :(

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        About once every couple of months I try to learn it again, getting a little further each time. Currently on a kick now. One thing that really helps is writing the J code by hand. That way you can do things like use different colors for adverbs, space out the verb clusters, circle points of notes, etc. Consider the legibility difference between

        >./@:((0&{ - <./)\.)


        >./  @:  (( 0&{   -  <./ )   \.)
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          Well, in order to make myself give it a more serious look, I got “J for C programmers” from Lulu (the ebook edition).

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            I liked that book, although I found the discussion of array shapes and ranks slow going. I bought the physical book, it has a lovely cover. I also got the J Fractals physical book through Lulu - it’s very nice. There’s a number of J books and PDFs covering learning particular subjects like calculus, statistics, fractals, etc. It seems like a good tool for learning by discovery and play.