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Here is the code - https://github.com/galecore/xslog

Feel free to contact me, open issues and PRs, if you think something could be improved.

I am a big believer in the slog interface, that is coming to golang soon.

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      Thanks for writing and sharing these. Two further links for people interested in slog.

      • If people want to check out alternative Handlers for slog, there are several of them on this wiki page.
      • For anyone interested in writing a handler for slog, there are excellent resources available in this repository from Jonathan Amsterdam (slog’s author). In particular, I found the handlers subdirectory very helpful.
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      The Sentry handler is interesting to me. I actually opened a ticket on their repo for slog support already. :-)

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      Nice that this has support for Otel. I am out of the loop but which Otel services support logging protocol?