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    Having taught a couple of introductory programming classes to previously non-technical folks, I can’t stress this point enough:

    Requiring students to construct their own strategies as they practice applying a skill can result in unproductive struggle. Instead, we can explicitly teach a strategy and properly equip students to learn more from their practice.

    It seems like today, a lot of the interviewees I talk to who come out of get-rich-quick bootcamps still treat code like a magical black box because the practice of trying to teach students purely through “doing”. I think by adding just a little bit of this strategy lesson, it can be much more beneficial for longer term development of skills.

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      This is great for comprehension of individual functions but it’s be great to have a strategy that scaled up to creating a mental model of the architecture of a program that contains thousands of lines of code.

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        One thing I’ve been trying with my students is binary search to insert prints. Still a work in progress; requires lots of hand holding. They’re like 12.