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    I write sparingly, but I try to stick to “write about something I did”. Probably best labelled as field reports? It serves two purposes:

    • writing something that isn’t speculative. This helps me stick to saying things that are grounded in some sort of reality, so I’m probably not wrong.

    • confirming I even know what I did. Almost invariably when writing up these reports I end up learning a couple of things.

    Simon is really pretty amazing on this front, I do not have the stamina to type as much as he does in one day (unless it’s in the comments section), and since he also does a lot of “field report”-style blogging it’s backed by doing things on the side!

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      I’ve been following Simon for ages now (hi, I’m new here today and blog here for the past 20 years or so), and quite enjoy his take on things.

      Most people feel pressured to go out of their way to find content to write about, or feel bad if they don’t write regularly. For me, at least, it’s a mix of Simon’s approach (things I learned) with notes on my ongoing projects, as well as the occasional rant on current (tech) affairs.

      But it all started because I wanted to keep track of the stuff I did and why, which sort of explains why my blog is much more of a WIki (hidden beneath a chronological view of highlights). Like an outboard notebook of stuff that I think might be useful to other people, really.

      So I’ll keep anything between 5-20 drafts going over months, and then clean up my notes and publish them (sometimes a tad too late to be useful to folk on the bleeding edge, but mostly useful to me six months later).

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        Welcome to lobste.rs @rcarmo!

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          Heh. Well, it had to happen sometime :)

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        Usually, I write because:

        • I encountered some mind-numbingly dumb issue, and I need to blog about it so that the next sucker can find it on Google.
        • Opinions of mine that I’ve mentioned the points in chat logs over time, and making them into one coherent narrative, so I can link to my post like a jackoff when I need to discuss some concept.
        • Some burning epiphany that compels me to write. I wish I had more of these.
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          TIL/today I did posts are one of the main things that I post on my blog. I’d highly recommend https://micro.blog to anyone trying to blog more often. There’s a great community there, plus everything can be hosted on your own infrastructure and integrate with Mastodon, indie web, etc. Something that lowered the barrier for me to write small blog posts about whatever I’m currently working on was to write a shell script that makes it as easy as mb to write a new post!

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            This is definitely advise applicable to me. I have a blog that I haven’t blogged on for the last 6 years. I should really try to get into a habit of writing low effort posts to get myself going with it again.

            I did coincidentally sort out the generation and publishing of the site today so it’s now a lot quicker to do.

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              Is there an AI that I can upload my current blog contents to and get back a thingie that can turn outlines into posts?