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    Nice addition of the guard pages since the TCB you all were validating was the Thread Control Block instead of the Trusted Computing Base. Hey @tedu, where’s that MAC, covert channel analysis, and certified compilation of safe code? You folks do so much work but consistently leave off a few options that might help you a lot. ;)

    Note: Content/teduCA ratio is now 3/4 instead of 4/4. My work is done.

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      Standard warning that Tedu self-signs his SSL so that’s why the error comes up.

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        Standard rant that this breaks both archive.org and archive.is

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          Non-standard effect that 3 out of 3 comments are about the self-sign instead of content. He’s achieved his intended milestone of 100% tangent in a submission about something on his site. I’m going to do something about that in next comment.

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            I totally agree with his reasoning though… Me reading his blog doesn’t need third party approval to be ‘secure’ when unencrypted http between the same two people is fine according to the browser.