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I saw that there was no proper public release of Bad Apple for the Amiga, so I thought I’d fix it. I ended up making it entirely on an Amiga in Anim format. It’s 320x256 in 16 colours with 8-bit 22030hz 2 channel sound. When played on AnimFX the OS is still running in the background so the lighter your workbench, the better experience you’ll have. I submitted it to the Novaparty2020 Wild section and I came second from last.

If you want to watch the result, I did a capture, which youtube made a little fuzzy. If you’d like to have a go at making your own, details are here, including instructions, data from different stages (as it took my souped up Amiga 3 days to build everything) and the finished Anims, which you can play on an Amiga or emulator using the AnimFX player.

I mostly did this to prove it was possible and provide a public source for the content. While it’s probably ok for short cartoons I’d suggest using Agaconv for anything complex.

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    Now subscribed to dorkweb. Side note: can you please stop making me so melancholic by posting Evangelion pictures ;)

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      Thanks for subscribing. This might help with the melancholia.