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It would be a refreshing.


  2. 16

    I’d also be okay with a single thread where all those stories can live.

    1. 6

      I always dread the internet on april fools. For me it’s about equivalent losing my internet connection for a day.

      …So I would even be okay with a single thread for all the real stories. Anything to find the real content would be nice.

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        I went ahead and created the April Fools thread https://lobste.rs/s/0jhxzo/april_fools_day_2014

      2. 12

        There are genuinely clever April Fools', hacks that actually took thought and effort, those I want to see. Then there the pedestrian HN variety which boil down to either a “funny” landing page or an outrageous press-release, all meant to paint its expounding entity as fun and/or interesting.

        1. 6

          Or tag them with april fool’s tag.

          This way people could still have discussions about them, and may even fool some people who aren’t reading the tags :P

          1. 2

            It would be cool if the tag were invisible, if you’re not filtering on it. Best of both worlds.

          2. 9

            A challenge. I will have to come up with something extra subtle.

            1. 5

              bah, humbug.

              1. 3

                I enjoy the april fools content. I’ve vote for allowing it. What reason is there to exclude it ?

                1. 4

                  Nothing in principle, but on a user-submitted-content site like this, the one or two clever submissions often get lost in a mountain of mediocrity, despite the voting system - or at least that has been my perception.

                  1. 2

                    I haven’t been on Lobsters long enough to know what April Fool’s Day looks like here, but almost every other site I frequent is painful. And not just on April 1st, but parts of March 31st and April 2nd, as well, until the timezones have all gone around.

                    1. 1

                      This seems like what the voting system is meant to solve. I recommend you downvote the crap out of all april fools content if you don’t want to see it. If the voting system is broken, we should fix it.

                  2. 2

                    I think what I’d rather see is less of companies releasing fake products as an April Fool and more of neat hacks involving April Fools.

                    1. 1

                      Yes please.

                      1. 1

                        Maybe I’m just gullible but I would just as soon not have to wonder if I’m being fooled or not.