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Abstract: In response to a national and international awakening on the issues of anti-Blackness and systemic discrimination, we have penned this piece to serve as a resource for allies in the AI community who are wondering how they can more effectively engage with dismantling racist systems. This work aims to help elucidate areas where the AI community actively and passively contributes to anti-Blackness and offers actionable items on ways to reduce harm.

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    Short but powerful read on combating racism in AI, applicable to CS in general. Academic bent, but also very applicable to industry and interpersonal interaction.

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      If you plan to flag as off-topic (as five already have), I urge you consider why you feel that way. This is the water in which we swim, the air that we breathe. Off-topic from “culture,” “practices,” and “ai” doesn’t really make sense.

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        From the about page:

        “Lobsters is focused pretty narrowly on computing; tags like art don’t imply every piece of art is on-topic. Some rules of thumb for great stories to submit: Will this improve the reader’s next program? Will it deepen their understanding of their last program? Will it be more interesting in five or ten years?”

        “Some things that are off-topic here but popular on larger, similar sites: […], management, [,,,], anthropology, […], and defining the single morally correct economic and political system for the entire world when we can’t even settle tabs vs. spaces.”

        I think that the intent of the about page is to try and focus on the technical side of computing rather than the air we breathe that enables it. If you think that the article counts under the ai, culture, or practices tag, then it’s no stretch to consider even more so that it’s about management, anthropology, and the political systems at play in tech and academics.

        It’s not to say that the article is wrong or important, just that lobsters is a specialised forum and that there are other, better places to discuss it.

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          Well said and fair enough. I am glad though that this particular forum will have exposure to this article and I do believe it can concretely impact the development and study of software.

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          I originally flagged it as off-topic because none of it was “about” AI. You could write the exact same essay about physics or sociology or economics, and propose the same problems and the same solutions.

          On second reading, there’s a paragraph on AI ethics, which is on-topic, but I don’t think it’s enough to carry the other ten pages.

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            Reasonable. I’m still behind posting it, but not everyone has to agree, especially if they give it a thorough chance as you did.