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    I love that the code is all there, unminified and commented, in view-source

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      If I draw some kind of blob, it bobs to the surface in a pleasing, convincing manner.

      If I draw a W, it closes off the top and lists to one side; if I draw an M it closes off the bottom and rotates to match the W.

      If I draw an S, it links the beginning and end together to create what looks like two blobs connected together, but the whole thing often spins and leaps out of the water, or otherwise behaves like the centre of mass is several inches outside the visible bounds of the S-berg.

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        Is that just a website with only a tweet or is my browser going mad?

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          It has a canvas above the tweet that presumably requires JS to be seen.

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          I’ve been trying to draw something that would flip 180°, but with no success. The best I can do is draw something tall and skinny that falls on its side, rotating 90°. Any suggestions? (Or am I putting too much mental energy into this?)

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            Cool 🧊

            I wish I could draw the iceberg higher above the water on mobile.