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    IMO Robert just has fallen for ZDNet’s link-bait. It was just a provocative statement by MongoDB CEO Max Schireson to gain attention.

    There are fields where relational databases are well suited and others where document databases have their advantages. End of story.

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      That, and Mongo is horribly designed.

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      As a big user of and advocate for MongoDB, I initially upvoted this before reading it, because I expected it to be an article about how MongoDB has stagnated and will get its lunch eaten by more interesting and reliable alternatives.

      Instead, it was a pretty empty “don’t worry they’ll all come crawling back to PostgreSQL someday” article. Of course PostgreSQL will keep going and support more document-store like features. SQL isn’t dying – it’s just losing its role as the Hammer for everyone’s Nail. Now we have more tools. People are not being duped by MongoDB or other NoSQL databases, they’re just finding that it’s a helpful tool in their arsenal.

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        People are not being duped by MongoDB or other NoSQL databases

        There are some, but the term “duped” might be a bit harsh. Its easy to find posts about projects that jump completely into the NoSQL pool, and find that is does not solve all their problems. The resolution is often a mix of data storage platforms that fit different workloads.

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        Very sorry to see linkbait hitting lobsters :( Poorly written article, cult of ‘this that or the other’, general crap.