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    Nice work OP. I have always wanted to try some hardware hacking on the stuff I have but it’s super hard. On another note, this is a really sad trend that every product in every industry is picking up. Why just sell a product when you can sell a product that also locks you in to a subscription.

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      I agree, I was really disappointed in the company when it became apparent that a helpful feature (notifying when cartridge was empty) was really DRM. Otherwise its a pretty cool device.

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        I really wish companies would create a better quality robot cat litter box/printer/coffee maker, charge more for it and stop trying to make money off supplies, leaving that to third parties. Some bean counter came up with it and now they are drowning with every mom and pop in China having a clever (albeit messy) workaround to how to refill your inkjet cartridge and dodge the DRM chip.

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          The initial price seems to put people off. It’s the same story for mobile games. No one wants to pay $1 for the app up front but they are ok paying microtransactions and lootboxes.

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      What kind of soap have you been refilling the cartridge with?

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        I’m just getting started experimenting but so far a bit of method dish soap mixed with some vinegar. I have also stopped using the plastic pellets and replaced them with safflower seeds that have been baked to sterilise them.

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        I thought this headline was a joke until I clicked on the source article. Why on earth do people think DRM is a sane idea?

        I’d love to see a technical post-mortem on this, that would be fantastic.

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          I’m a bit lost; isn’t this the technical post-mortem?

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            Why on earth do people think DRM is a sane idea?

            Because it works. This kind of DRM exposes what DRM was all about from the beginning. It’s about controlling paying customers to keep them locked in to your system. If you buy a game on steam you are locked in to sticking with steam, if you buy a coffee pod machine you are locked in to buying coffee from the company that made the machine.

            DRM was never meant to be technically impossible to break. Sure, OP has cracked it but 99.99% of the companies customers will not know how to do this and will continue to pay for refills.

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              Agreed, I think its a very profitable business model, even in my case I bought at least 6 soap cartridges before I decided to reverse it.