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    Fun game, but it would be interesting to see a write-up about what all is going on here under the hood.

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      Thanks, I’m strongly considering such a write-up.

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      Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to load the site successfully in either Chromium (v 84.0) or Firefox (79.0) on Linux, even after accepting the self-signed cert.

      I would definitely be interested to know what approaches you took in implementing the AI.

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        I think you were experiencing a DNS issue. Try again.

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        Slightly more information there: https://nadim.computer/

        Piccolo is an AI that plays the Japanese Othello strategy game at a strong and competitive level. Piccolo uses Negamax Depth-First-Search with Alpha-Beta pruning combined with heuristics to evaluate position strength, and features an elegant user interface. It is written in Go and compiled into WebAssembly.