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    Some commentary from Robert Graham. Summary: the systemd devs are bad & should feel bad.

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      I never got over hating systemd, but I got bored of hating it and used to having it around. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I was hoping this type of crap was a thing of the past. C’est la vie.

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        I do quite like some of the features systemd provides. I think the declarative unit syntax is an improvement over the roll-your-own shell scripts of the days of yore. Some of the optional stuff like systemd-analyze is also nice if you want it. However, I don’t think writing it in C was a good idea.

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          Last I checked, there were cases where you had to write scripts becausr the declarative syntax didn’t cut it. Escaping also had some quirks.

          Basically in the days of yore you’d source a bunch of functions and copypaste a bit and be good to go.

          This is not arguing for sysv scripts on my behalf. I have used daemontools and runit on LFS and that style has my affection until something else convinces me.