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    Written in D. Nooice.

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      I’m really not sure what it offers above D.

      From a quick look D seems better, so why create a language that is less impressive than the language you’re using to create it in?

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      Very confusing since https://vlang.io/ is also on the front page and its related project is called Volt.

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        He probably got it from my comment in that thread. One reason I didn’t submit it yet was to avoid confusion. I also wanted to dig into the site to assess if vaporware, a throwaway project, etc. I didn’t have time yet.

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          Volt is 9 years old. Can’t blame them!

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          @andrewrk since you posted this what do you think?

          For context if anyone doesn’t know Andrew is the author of the zig programming language. Which also is using LLVM but is presently written in C++.

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            I haven’t checked it out yet. But I find it impressive that it still has active development after 9 years. I see they have a package manager in some state of completion too, so maybe I’ll see if there’s anything to learn there, given that I’m in the design phase of the Zig package manager.

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            naming the things after electricity looks like random placeolders (I mean battery watt)

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              No examples?