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    It feels disingenuous to call this world’s smallest office suite, when it requires a 10 ton monster that is the browser to operate. Take for example the Apple Writer 1.0 - it is fully contained within 140KB, and runs on anything between your 1979 Apple II and your browser.

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      Depending on where you draw your line of abstraction, yes.

      But I don’t think it is a contest, I enjoyed reading the article.

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        While you’re right about it not being small – nearly everyone will have a browser on their computer nowadays, for better or for worse. So the fact that you can add these small sprinkles on top is pretty nice.

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          Maybe I’m just unused to MAME in the browser but the version linked doesn’t support backspace, nor Swedish characters.

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            I was wondering about the backspace thing too… I wonder if the Apple II had one?

            edit: I was curious so I searched for it and it turns out that the delete key presenting a square glyph instead of deleting the previous character is something the Apple II did.


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          Ignoring the fact that you need a huge browser in order to do this, it’s a pretty neat hack! Especially since you can easily save and/or print what you wrote.

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            Also, probably the first time I’ve ever seen a GH repo be 100% html!

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              Ctrl+B ist Bookmarks on firefox, so nope.

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                Not on macOS :)