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    Gimp 2.10 is the release that stops dumping stuff into $HOME, so even if you don’t really care about the new features, it’s a worthwhile upgrade for this reason alone!

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      Why is that so important to you?

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        It’s very impolite for programs to spam things into the $HOME directory without explicit permission.

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          Yes, it’s extremely rude.

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            Can’t decide whether this is sarcasm, but 😆

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            I want to be able to do backups or blow away the cache without inspecting each and every .folder individually.

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            Do you have a link to further information? “Ctrl+F HOME” in the release notes didn’t turn up anything relevant.

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              It is mentioned here and here. Hope this helps!

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            why does gimp.org have doubleclick.net tracking… i mean it’s a GNU project… how does this happen?