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    Another example of a non-Anglo programming language with an alien syntax: Plankalkül (Plan Calculus) from 1948, created by Konrad Zuse.

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      A while ago I spend some time deciphering an early music generation algorithm by Rudolf Zaripov that ran on Ural-2, another Soviet mainframe from the same era. While not a programming language, the notation used to describe the algorithm (as seen on page 4 of https://www.mathnet.ru/links/931f89c7e203a9558dabdda00a15abb7/dan23732.pdf) shows some similarities with ПП-BESM. I wonder if there are any common roots.

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        there’s also Address Programming Language, which is the first one to have pointers, and doesn’t seem to have any natural language word keywords (except for ост. operator mentioned on the ukrainian wikipedia page, but i can’t find it in the pdf)

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          I noticed that the few human-language keywords seem to be in English (e.g. from, to, Stop). Are there any significant programming languages which have keywords in some human language other than in English?

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            I think the author may be translating the keywords into English for the benefit of readers. I googled the language, it’s actually called “ПП БЭСМ” in Cyrillic, and that’s the spelling you need for google searches. I found a copy of the same ПП БЭСМ program in this paper on page 42 of https://www.iis.nsk.su/files/articles/ershov_180.pdf. The code is all Cyrillic. Eg, instead of Stop it uses СТОП. Instead of “from 0 to k” we see “от 0 до n”.