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    I don’t get it. First they say the term ‘messaging’ is ‘hopelessly broad’. That’s fine. Then they start giving oddly specific advice…?

    You don’t need full text search. If you really do need full text search then use a DB that is built for this — its a major time-sink to hack it in later and get it right.


    Messaging is likely more important to your users than you (or they) think it is. The messages themselves are likely less important to your users than you (or they) think they are.


    If you can skip a feature, DO. YAGNI.

    Fine advice in general I suppose…

    You don’t need [AdvancedMessagingProtocol] (aka XMPP). If you really need XMPP it will be painfully obvious (and if you do chances are you certainly don’t need the extensions).

    Can’t really argue with this bit…

    It’s like the blog post(s) were originally about something specific but were then generalised to ‘messaging’.

    Maybe it’s just me…

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      Oh. They’re talking about communication between humans. I was thinking ‘messaging’, you know, like ØMQ or whatever.

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        I was really confused until I realized the same thing. I guess that’s a case in point for his “Messaging is hopelessly broad” point.