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    At the moment she typed “swipl” I was expecting her to implement a process calculus and a whole chunk of Erlang in it. Kanren was a pleasant surprise. :)

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      ok so this is the andreka he’s talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hajnal_Andr%C3%A9ka
      but I googled looking for her and found: https://andreika.com/
      so maybe it’s both?

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        “Unifying” ? It’s going to be prolog isn’t it…checks. Yes, it’s Prolog. Awesome :) It’s not going to stay Prolog for very long though, if previous Aphyr works are anything to go by…

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          “The Church. The lambda calculus. The gay agenda.” :)

          So. µKanren … in Lisp …. in Prolog. All in, what? 250 lines of code? (Not counting the problem solution.) Bravo!

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          Have suggested the art tag.