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    This is a really smart move on Mozilla’s part. Mindshare is won day in and day out with things like this.

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      This is a big change for anyone who is not a full-time web developer and has ever tried something in HTML/CSS that looks good enough in various browsers. I have high hopes for the future state of documenting the web.

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          No Apple? I’m not into the browser game so much that it seems interesting that Samsung is present and not Apple.

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            Apple are not noted for getting involved in collaborations. Secrecy and “ours is best” are closer to how I’ve heard their corporate culture described.

            Samsung makes one of the bigger mobile browsers (a chromium derivative iirc).

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            Sad to see that there is still no Web API to access the Web API, was hoping that a different host was selected which cares a bit more about tooling than Mozilla.