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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Got the builder starting on doing some work on the house that I was supposed to organise about four years ago. Fingers cross the kitchen roof won’t leak into the sink next time it rains, and I can enjoy the covered patio before the end of summer too. (The more exciting building work for comes later in the year - converting garage into office/utility room.)

    $work is mostly deleting things this week. The right things, in the correct order. Today so far has been an exercise in swearing at S3 buckets not emptying themselves so I can remove the bucket. Massive shout out to s3-nuke for making this easy in the end.

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      My 3D printed flipflop project hit two snags: I broke my extrusion filament loader, thinking it was too loose. Luckily a new one is $15 and it came in next day and made of metal this time. The second issue is the TPU is bending so I need to do a little mod that wedges a small-small piece of bowden tube between the loading gears and the hole… Hoping it works. Other than that I was able to print a first layer and it was really cool. At-home manufactured products are for sure going to rise in popularity in the next 30 years. It’s just too convenient and custom to not pay attention to. Every friend whom I’ve shown my around the house fixes was like “wow, that’s 3D printed?” Yeah.

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        I’m implementing autocomplete for my Notes + calculator webapp: https://numbr.dev

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          Spending the day finishing up some DIY sliding rack rails made from some lightly modified, cheap, full extension drawer slides and 3d printed brackets for the servers that already exist in my small server rack. Once that’s done, thinking on how I’m going to make the keyholes that the new server case I just picked up requires in the slides. Right now thinking either a template for routing them directly with a dremel or just drilling a bigger hole and printing a keyhole shape.

          After that, building the new server. It’s going to be my new NAS. I happened on a remarkably good deal for a 2U case with 8x hotswap drive bays that just fits the depth of my rack. So, I took this as an opportunity to make my endgame NAS. It’s a Ryzen build with ECC ram and a motherboard with IPMI (out of band remote management), native SATA connections for each drive bay. As long as nothing replaces the 3.5 inch drive as the cheapest storage form factor, I can’t imagine ever needing to replace this. (Future processors that are cheap and much more power efficient not withstanding, but even then I wouldn’t need to replace it.)

          And finally, figuring out what I’m going to do for software. My old NAS is running an out of date armbian, so I might just do Debian. Most of my other stuff is Fedora, but I think I want something with a slower release cadence. It’s a shame that CentOS isn’t a thing anymore. Maybe it’s time to try out Rocky Linux?