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Hello lobs!

Monday roll call, again, let’s refresh our to-do list. I’m going to work on REST client (my first such!) for an application; shortlisted node, gulp, superagent etc. That’s all at my end.

What are you going to work on this week?

Feel free to ask for help or advice or just talk about whatever you’re up to. And have a great week ahead.

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      I’m going to research how to best write an activity tracker for X11. It’s going to track the title of the current window, see if the user is active at all (typing, moving the mouse), and store all that in an SQLite database for later retrieval and statistics. So far I’m reading up on the protocol so that I know what to hook instead of polling.

      I’ve managed to finish my last week’s little project on time (even though my PC’s PSU died) so I’m curious if the trend will continue.

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        If you open source that, please provide a link!

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      Just finished having to dig into ActiveRecord and write some new multidatabase support for work. Now that I have that out of the way I’m going to spend some more time playing around with the dry ruby libs.

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      Installing linux on and migrating files and stuff to my new Lenovo X1 Carbon. Also planning on blogging about the experience.

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        Well this is interesting. I installed Cinnamon, then installed updates (probably should have done it in the opposite order), rebooted, and now Cinnamon is gone. I’ll be looking into that at lunch and later tonight.

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      I’m working on the final problem for Stockfighter, which I am enjoying immensely. Other than that, cracking the problem of draining services that were largely written in core.async.

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      Work stuff. Also trying to get my Swift pull request in good enough shape to be accepted; there’s still quite a bit of knock-on work to be done (https://github.com/apple/swift/pull/838).

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      I’m writing up the first post of a blog. I haven’t blogged since blogging’s heyday in 2005. This one will be a much quieter affair, with just a monthly set of thoughts about hacking and recovery.

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      Looking around for a new gig. Working on my OCaml MPEG parser. Fiddling with org-mode and LaTeX. Trying to get some sleep; 2.0 has had a sleep regression since her surgery and is just ready to party all night long, a prospect her mother and I are no longer young enough to entertain, much less enjoy.

      Speaking of looking for work, what resources do my fellow lobste.rs use to find jobs? LinkedIn? Pinging one’s personal network? The HN “Who’s Hiring?” threads? All of the above? Inquiring minds …

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        Last time I was looking for work, I went with linkedin jobs. Actually, I perused the free premium trial which became useless about a week in, and I did not renew.

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        Speaking of looking for work, what resources do my fellow lobste.rs use to find jobs?

        I made friends at the local Python usergroup and got a job through a friend I made there. Old-fashioned job-seeking!

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        Dice.com is pretty good in my experience.

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      Carrying on with writing stuff in elixir I think. Cloned cat(1) a couple of different ways so far (excat) and finally got my brain to think recursively without worrying about smashing the stack. (Ah, the bane of moving from ruby to elixir.)

      Also upgraded my home wifi from an AirPort Extreme to an Uniquiti AP-AC-LR, one of their new “lite” nodes which seems pretty neat so far. About 2/3s the cost of a new AirPort Extreme to get 802.11ac at home, and it also seems faster on 802.11g 2.4Ghz to boot. Now I get to play with a “guest” network and VLANs some more.

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      spent a couple of days refactoring pangrid so i could publish it as a ruby gem. will do the actual gem publishing this week and see if i can add a small web frontend.