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    This post has been said in various forms for a while now, granted this doesn’t make it any less true. That said, the title could provide more information rather than going for poetic effect.

    What comes to mind is the bleak UI experience of keyboard and mouse. Another point that has been said time and time again: It’s amazing how quickly and expressively we can put information on paper, and while some tablets might approach this in a similar style, it definitely seems that there is room to grow - I love seeing experimental UIs (in non-critical softwate of course) and creative attempts to allow us to interact more easily with our (esp. desktop/laptop) devices.

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      You are right about the title. I changed it, thanks!

      You are also right about this same idea being said in various forms before. However this year I made a realization that some things which are obvious to me, may not be obvious to other people and it does not hurt to reiterate. This post is a direct result of that thought.

      About the bland UI experience: that is indeed another aspect where paper trumps computers (for now)!