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    Lotus 1-2-3 makes me so sad. Lotus had two spreadsheets:

    • 1-2-3 was a VisiCalc clone. It combined data and formulae which led to many, many, spreadsheet bugs but was pushed because it looked like a balance sheet and so they thought accountants would like it.
    • Improv, which had a clean separation of formulae and data and made it much easier to avoid bugs. The remaining Improv clone is very popular in financial markets.

    Lotus killed Improv and everyone copied 1-2-3. The entire spreadsheet industry has been in a depressing state for decades as a result of this decision.

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      The 1-2-3 influence must be so strong I had difficulty conceiving of how Improv worked. The Wikipedia entry is a nice basic explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_Improv

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        Quantrix Modeller is the only surviving Improv descendent (I don’t count FlexiSheet as ‘surviving’) and they have some nice promotional videos that show how you use it.

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      I sometimes use sc-im (https://github.com/andmarti1424/sc-im) when I need something very basic like adding up some columns but usually get frustrated at having forgotten the necessary key combinations. I used 1-2-3 back in the day but don’t think I’d go to this level of effort. I miss WordPerfect more, especially the old reveal codes feature but am probably happier with vim and something like markdown or docbook. At least I don’t need a template above the function keys to use it.

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        Wow, this is incredible. I love it when people fix old software.