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    Oh, I’m a gonna love Jedi completion. I hate having to assign a dummy variable to a list/dict element just for auto completion.


    The size of the IPython codebase has decreased by about 1500 lines of Python code relative to the last release. Of course, that’s not solely due to the removal of Python 2 support, but a non-negligible amount is. And this reduction is even more remarkable in light of completely new features that required adding hundreds of lines of code. A large number of conditionals are gone, making the code more straightforward, easier to read, and simpler to maintain. Across the codebase we saw improvements in code compactness just from removing utility functions that existed only to provide identical behavior across Python 2 and Python 3. Even then, parts of the codebase remain affected by “Python 2 code”, so the potential gains are even greater. We will continue our quest to remove things as we go, and, as usual, contributions are welcome.

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      Fully agree, great feature!

      Now only pdb++ needs to support that or ipdb needs to work in pytest (if ipdb has the jedi completion build in already).

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      The big news here (was about to submit under a different heading) is dropping support for Python 2.7, it sounds like the switchover is finally happening.

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        Should I have indicated that in the title? I don’t like editing titles but I guess that’s not a big deal on lobsters.

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          No, your title is fine :)

          I’m equally as excited about Jedi completion.