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because that would be useful … (i think.)


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    @jcs posted this a while ago, linking to this pull request which supposedly adds this feature to the /upvoted route. As far as I can see, it hasn’t been merged yet because it causes a merge conflict.

    I’ve also wanted this for a while, but am not comfortable enough with Ruby / Rails to try fixing it.

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      I’ve given it a try, you can see the branch here https://github.com/walle/lobsters/tree/upvoted_fix

      This is the first time I’ve seen the source for Lobste.rs though, so someone should look it over. But it is pretty much just getting the old pull request up to speed.

      I will link the branch from the original pull request.

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      This is now available at https://lobste.rs/upvoted

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        sweet! thanks!

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        HN has this feature and I use it a lot when I remember a specific article from last week but I can’t remember it’s title. Incase anyone’s wondering the URL is:


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          On a more general note, it would be nice to get all user data as json files in a zip container:

          • Upvotes
          • Comments
          • Submissions

          One could write a crawler I guess.