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I like the discussion of the history of the GOPATH – makes it easier for me to understand why the way things are right now.

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    Every time I install go I toil with $GOPATH issues is some new or unforeseen way. It’ll be a great day once this becomes slightly user friendlier.

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      I am all for making things friendlier and easier, and I certainly believe we can do without GOPATH, but the love of humanity, I never understood what is hard about GOPATH. It’s literally the same syntax and semantics as PATH. Setting and using environment variables is one of the most basic Unix tasks there are.

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      So happy that this is getting consideration from the core team!

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        Dave Cheney is not on the core Go team.

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          Forgive me, my understanding was this was the list of core team members. I stand corrected. https://golang.org/CONTRIBUTORS

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            There aren’t 1004 core team members :-). Those are all the people who ever contributed to Go in any capacity.