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    Man, the comments on there are hostile. I’m, apparently, one of the few people that that are in favor of the upcoming changes.

    All I can see are people are saying the new API is drastically less useful with the mozilla folks asking what, specifically, they can’t do anymore, only to be met with silence. Does anyone here have first hand experience with porting extensions from old to new?

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      The developer of FindBar Tweak, Beyond Australis, OmniSidebar, Puzzle Bars, and Tab Groups made an announcement about how the new extensions API will affect his projects. (Namely, that he can’t keep developing most of them.)

      See http://fasezero.com/addons/

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        Every major change to Firefox tends to have some set of people who get really worked up over it. Like not just upset, but frothing at the mouth. Those comments are par for the course for something like this.

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        I wonder if there will be some fork of Firefox 56.

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          I think those kind of people are already using Pale Moon instead.

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            It would be great to actually get it running on *BSD. I see only builds for Windows / Linux.

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          I sincerely hope that WebExtensions will gain enough capabilities to convert add-ons like Tab Mix Plus – the fact that Firefox supports such powerful extensions is one of the things that makes it special today – it’s something that no other browser supports.

          Where else would one go to get a similar power-user interface if Firefox will kill Tab Mix Plus and the likes? Custom Electron-based browsers? Not really feasible if one need that very same browser for web development as well, with good development tools etc?