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    That is truly amazing work.

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      I couldn’t agree more. The amount of dedication and determination this must have taken is quite impressive.

      EDIT: Also worth reading about is Jeri Ellsworth, mentioned in the piece as an inspiration.

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        As far as I’ve seen Jeri has all but disappeared from the Internet, I used to follow her YouTube channel quite a bit. It’s a shame, she was a great teacher.

        Edit: seems like she’s still active on Twitter

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          I got excited when she started posting about radio stuff about six months ago, but it looks like it was only a short lived return. She was really one of my favourite technical YouTubers back in the day.

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      Not all heroes wear capes.

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        This is incredible, man… I always thought IC manufacturing was out of reach of us mere mortals. Though I guess I’m not positive you’re a mere mortal ;)

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          Though I guess I’m not positive you’re a mere mortal ;)

          Thank you for the kind words, but this was not my project–I just thought it was very inspirational for all of us. :)

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          Does anyone know how much his missing tool, the wire bond machine would cost?

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            Is there any way to keep up with this blog? I find his work very interesting, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to subscribe using an rss/atom reader.

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              Eh, the blog has RSS Autodiscovery metadata. Any feed reader implementing RSS Autodiscovery (most of them, IIRC) should work, just give the URL of the blog.

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                Cool, I wasn’t aware of that feature.

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                I find that many blogs still have a feed but it takes some digging to find it because it’s not linked anywhere on the pages.

                Also, I use NewsBlur for my RSS subscriptions and it seems to be pretty good at finding the feed when given the URL of the blog itself.

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                  Thanks. I didn’t find anything when searching the site for “rss” and “atom.”

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                Quite impressive