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Today, I finally published my updated version of Python regular expressions ebook. My initial motivation was to add epub format and separate out third-party regex module content into a separate chapter. An email exchange with a reader, a look at feedback from the past year and my own improvements as a writer resulted in a significant overhaul. It took me about 6 weeks to complete the revision instead of 1-2 weeks that I estimated. Sounds familiar right? I’m definitely pleased with the changes, but along the way I added a long list of TODOs that will probably need months of work. Future me is not going to be pleased.

You can read the entire book from the GitHub repo. The repo also contains the code snippets used in the book and a handy way to access all the exercises in a single file. You can also find the solutions there. To get pdf/epub versions, use any of these links:

As a bundle (Python/Ruby/JS regex and grep/sed/awk cli tools):

I made all my books free at the end of March when the pandemic hit my country. The virus doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so I’ll probably start charging again after I finish updating the Ruby and JS regex books. You can still pay if you wish.

I’d highly appreciate your feedback. That’s been a major motivating factor to keep writing as well as for improving the content.

Happy learning :)