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    lots of newer pages have kind of modern design - but there are some huge sites which remain old style

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      Walking around Tokyo, I often get the feeling of being stuck in a 1980’s vision of the future and in many ways it’s this contradiction which characterises the design landscape in Japan.

      Could this also be because many American films in the 80’s about the future used Japanese culture? Rewatching the original Blade Runner made me think about this.

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        Japan is one of our favorite places to visit, but there is a definite retro-futuristic vibe going on. Cash everywhere, or single-purpose cash cards instead of credit cards, fax machines, high-speed Internet access on your feature phone, no air conditioning or central heat but a robot vending machine at 7/11.

        (We kept having children and so we haven’t gotten to travel internationally for a while now, but that’s our memory of it.)

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          The feature phones have died – everybody on the train is staring at their iPhone or Android, now. Contactless smart cards (Suica, Passmo, etc), used for train fares, are gaining momentum as payment cards in 7/11 etc, but otherwise it’s still mostly a cash-only.

          Otherwise it’s pretty much the same.

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          Living in NYC, it feels like the 70’s version of the future!