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Aside from the mysqldump stage specific to this server, this backup script only uses tools found in OpenBSD base. I thought it might be appropriate to post here, as I couldn’t find anything on /u/romanzolotarev’s site (which is where I’d normally expect to find this sort of thing).

Also, if anyone wants an account to write on the site itself, drop me a DM. I’ve set this up as an alternative to some of the other community writing platforms around. It uses writefreely on OpenBSD with OpenBSD.Amsterdam and it’s easy to export articles to move elsewhere. I thought it might be a nice compliment to the bsd.network Mastodon instance.

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    Nice write-up, I thought I saw somewhere recently that the OpenBSD project was making a reimplantation of rsync. Might be nice to add deltas to your backups.

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      I should be able to do that, but tbh the amount of data involved isn’t worth it. If rsync is in base for 6.5 I’ll give it a go and update accordingly. Thanks for the heads up!