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    This is awesome. I don’t know how they are able to add support for both old and new languages at the same time. But color me impressed. Xmake has become by go-to build tool.

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      @ruki, Features wise it looks great. The idea of abstracting most common operations for different compilers (Like the optimization level) is great.

      What I don’t find satisfying is the documentation. I find meson documentation to be clearer. Also it would be great to define the defaults you set for each compiler.

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        Thank you very much for your feedback, we will continue to improve the documentation.

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          We can apply add_rules("mode.release","mode.debug") to set the defaults

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          TIL there is a new “xmake” that is completely unrelated to the old (X11) xmake. Wiki doesn’t even mention the old one – I started to think it never really existed, and I was experiencing the Mandela effect, but there is still some evidence here: https://freebsd.pkgs.org/11/freebsd-amd64/xmake-1.06_1.txz.html

          I guess there are only a thousand possible project names.

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            They are completely unrelated, just the same name.