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    To be honest, this is not the first FUSE-based filesystem with fault injection, but other implementations do not match my requirements. I wanted an easy way to manage configuration at runtime, so I added an INI-like config file that is re-read on every change, and some specific error injection, such as setting real errors for the file operations being performed.

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      Nice. Can be done by using dm-setup too, which allows for creating errnous devices, even tho not changeable during runtime, see:


      What i would search for is simulating a faulty tape device. I havent found a easy way to do so, other than to modify mhvtl or other other things like “tgt”..

      If you need a FS that only eats your data, see: https://github.com/abbbi/nullfsvfs

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        Reminds me of FreeBSD’s gnop(8).

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          Thanks, didn’t know about it. I made unreliablefs agnostic for operating systems and it has a single dependence - the FUSE library, that exists almost everywhere.