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    “Microsoft uses the Plan 9 filesystem to enable interoperability between Windows and Linux files” was far down on my list of plausible sentences.

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      Same, but it is a brilliant idea, IMHO.

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        A somewhat relevant comment on the use of 9P I came across after using WSL 2 to access files outside of the VM https://github.com/microsoft/WSL/issues/4197#issuecomment-604592340

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          Yeah, I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

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            Windows had a built-in WebDAV client for a long time. Way too long a time.

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          virtio-9p has been around for a long while.

          I understand Microsoft is simply leveraging what’s there.

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            Been a fan of (the idea of) 9P for a while. Recently I tried to use 9P to export my videos from the main Linux server to a Raspberry Pi connected to the TV. The idea being to not burn out the flash memory hard drive of the RasPi. Documentation was sorely lacking. Ended up using Samba/CIFS for the job, but would love to see a simple 9P2000 tutorial somewhere: here is how to export a directory, here is how to mount it. The 9P2000 support has been in the Linux kernel for a while now, so it must be do-able.

            Good on Microsoft for using 9P2000. From Xenix, to the F# language, and now to this, Microsoft does make some good technical moves.

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              If you’re on unix-likes you can use 9pfs to mount 9p through FUSE: https://github.com/mischief/9pfs

              Serving a generic mirror of a file system from unix can be done with u9fs: https://github.com/sevki/u9fs

              Other serving is probably up to whatever language you want to roll a 9p server in.

              Ex. https://github.com/henesy/simplefs and https://github.com/droyo/jsonfs

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                Thank you henesy. Was looking for a solution that uses the 9p200 support in the Linux kernel, but having something working, even if only FUSE, is nice. I notice a lot of the secondary links on those pages have disappeared. Scary amount of bitrot happening. Ten years ago, with the Plan9 team going to Google, the future seemed brighter.

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                  Ten years ago, with the Plan9 team going to Google, the future seemed brighter.

                  There was a time when I hoped that maybe the existence of Go and Rob Pike’s employment at Google meant they they were running Plan 9 under the covers.

                  All these years later, and it is still right.

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                    You can still mount using the Linux kernel’s v9fs directly, but it’s kind of unreliable and iirc doesn’t support authenticated 9p connections at all.

                    You can look at 9mount by sqweek as a wrapper: http://sqweek.net/hg/9mount/

                    Calling into mount directly is something like mount -o 9p and the more mount syntax for port, tcp, etc. as details

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