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    In the first series of the rebooted Doctor Who, an entity called the Bad Wolf used it’s timey-wimey abilities to scatter references to itself throughout history so the Doctor would follow the clues leading up to that moment in time, thus ensuring that it would happen (an ontological paradox).

    So either we’re seeing the side-effects of alterations to the timeline that will happen billions of years from now or whoever figured out how to spoof the record date is a fan of British sci-fi.

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      I wonder why I think the second theory is more likely…

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        Would downvote if I could…

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          Downvote what?

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      from the comments on the blog post:

      Doctor Who first appeared on BBC TV at 17:16:20 GMT, eighty seconds after the scheduled programme time, 5:15 pm, on Saturday, 23 November 1963

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        What’s interesting is that I contacted the .io registry about this and they confirm that they modified the date, but they did not say why… So I guess they are Dr. Who fans.

        EDIT: they confirm they are Dr. Who fans :) I updated the blog post

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          EDIT: they confirm they are Dr. Who fans :) I updated the blog post

          That’s amazing, thanks for this.

          I like it because it’s a pretty on-point reference. They could have made it tardis.io and yeah, sure, it time travels, whatever. But planting an out-of-place reference to “bad wolf” in the past is closer to what the Bad Wolf did in the show.

          On the other hand, and to be a killjoy, should a registry really be messing with the whois records like this?

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          WHOIS is just plaintext entries, right? Could I make my domain registration date appear to be 10,000 B.C.E.?