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    Thanks for posting (I am the author) happy to answer any questions.

    I work in the WebRTC/telephony space for ~6 years now and feel like I answer a lot of the same questions. I am on paternity leave, and decided to write this down so I can share! Outside of this book I also work on https://github.com/pion/webrtc where I learned a lot of the deeper details.

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      Thanks for sharing! This is a topic that interested me, but it seemed most of the questions I had are not yet included (I jumped straight to “Data communications” and “Applied WebRTC” after reading that each chapter stood on its own).

      Was there a pressing need to have the partial document available as it gets compiled by the authors? I’ll submit this as an issue as well, but I definitely think you should be clear from the outset that this is a work-in-progress seeking input. That would alleviate disappointment from reading the homepage which seems like a finished thing and then not being bale to use the relevant sections, while they are being written.

      Again, thanks for sharing and look forward to reading it once complete :)

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        eed to have the partial document available as it gets compiled by the authors? I’ll submit this as an issue as well,

        My paternity leave ends this week. I wanted to post before I got sucked back into work :(

        I wanted to do all development in the open to encourage others to get involved. If I throw things over the wall it is harder for people to get involved.

        ‘Data Communications’ and ‘Applied WebRTC’ are going to be written by other people. I don’t know when they will availability though. I am hoping to finish the Media chapter this weekend. If you are interested would be happy to send you a PM when these get published!

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          My paternity leave ends this week.

          Makes sense! Thanks for the offer, I’ll follow on GitHub and spare you the need to track it and send a PM.

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        This is excellent, I wish there were more conceptual deep dives like this of web technologies (and really anything else). I’m impressed how well it turns what seems like acronym soup into digestible bits, and how not long it is.

        Critique: the navigation is unintuitive to me. There’s no “next” button at the bottom of the introduction, the hamburger menu on the upper right of my phone didn’t do anything, and the one on the left opened what looked like a table of contents, but didn’t include the introduction, (and still doesn’t when I go to other sections). The content seems well unordered (that’s a good thing, I clicked a random chapter and didn’t feel lost), but it’s weird that I can’t just turn the page until I’m at the end.

        Extremely pedantic critique: it’s JavaScript. The middle S is capitalized.

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        Funny enough that today I start work on a small WebRTC project and this comes up on Lobste.rs, ill make sure to give it a good read. Thanks for the share!