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    FTFY “ the use of Oracle software has been declining rapidly in the private sector”

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      Oracle: “the use of open source software in the private sector is bad for our business model. Please don’t use it.”

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        This does not seem particularly relevant to my ongoing programming education.

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          Happy to retag if you have a better suggestion

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            I think he meant it’s not a good fit for Lobsters which focuses on things that make us better programmers, scientists, thinkers, etc. Especially with technical depth. This is Oracle propaganda on a site that has no impact on their activities. Oracle and other vendors like them stay saying all kinds of nonsense like this where front page would be covered in it if we kept submitting such incidents. Probably best to not even post that stuff here as it’s all over other sites.

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          Is there a bullshit tag? Because this is bullshit: Something said to advance an agenda without regard for its truth value.

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            Having only read the title of the post in the lobste.rs post, this matches my experience. Cloud computing has proprietorized many things that weren’t, even if they are only a proprietary layer on top of something open source. For example, many people use or will be:

            • DynamoDB
            • S3 (how much of the internet shut down when this went down in earlier this year?)
            • GCS
            • BigTable
            • Spanner
            • RDS
            • CloudSQL
            • AppEngine
            • AWS Lambda

            In particular, serverless is extremely proprietary and people love it. Cloud computing is a huge cut into open source.

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              This is actually amusing. I mean most of the people who run Oracle run it on a Linux machine. Most programming languages a company uses will be OpenSource. Most of the libraries they use will be OpenSource.

              If you are building custom solutions for a company those will be your tools. I’ve only heard rumors of Oracle or SAP solutions that were successful. I suppose they exist but I’ll wager Open Source software is more likely to have a good track record there.

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                Oracle: “We would like you to waste taxpayer dollars on more opaque, less effective solutions”.

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                  My company received the visit of a Oracle seller trying to sell us SPARC machines with Solaris a week ago. Apparently he was the only one not to find the thing completely out of place following the fact that Oracle basically gave up on both.

                  Glad to see that was boldness from Oracle rather than ignorance on his part.