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    It really bugs me that things like this continue to perpetuate the idea that web is the only kind of development. “Frontend” and “Backend” are not the only two categories of development, and continuing to perpetuate this idea is causing far too many people to focus on moving everything to the web, because they can’t see outside of the narrow sliver of the breadth of technology. I wish we could acknowledge that the web isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the end-all be-all of software development or technology delivery.

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      I think that is because the majority of user-facing applications are web based. It seems to me like web-based software is just the most reliable, simple, and cross-platform way to deliver content. Because there are so many use cases, it has accumulated a lot of depth and knowledge, making guides like these necessary. It could also be a cultural thing - low level stuff, like kernels, operating systems, etc., have a culture formed around them of “just read the manual”.

      I’m curious what other technology / kind of development you think could use a roadmap. My personal interest is in PLT+formal methods, but I guess I’m early enough in my learning that I can’t imagine a roadmap as large as the ones presented in the original submission. Maybe embedded development? Database systems?

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        My interest is in PLT as well, and I think that there’s actually quite a huge opportunity for a roadmap there. I know that as an autodidact in PLT I’d have loved a structured roadmap for how to understand type systems, category theory, compiler design, etc. I’ve seen roadmaps like this for data science; I bet you could also create them for mobile development, security, devops, game development, or just about any pursuit. Almost all fields these days are built on a large amount of prior work and any time there’s a lot of prior work I think creating a pedagogical ordering for people to pick up concepts can be helpful.

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          Hi Rebecca, I haven’t thought about a roadmap, but I’m planning to build up a structured sitemap for boxbase blogposts and eventually extend to articles that cover things you mentioned, type systems, category theory, compiler design. I think it’ll come with the next upgrade on the site. Sometime next month when I think I’m ready to do that.

          If there’s some related subject I could cover that you immediately need, I’d appreciate to know.

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            That sounds like a great roadmap! It would be really great if there was something that covered the path to modern type systems from like the typed lambda calculus and denotional semantics through systemF and then concluded with something like homotopy type theory. I know that I’ve struggled to get through all the literature on cubical type theory because there’s a bit of math and some more recent work that I’ve not been quite sure what the right order to pick it up is.